Organic Birch Syrup



Birch Syrup is a highly nutrient dense and antioxidant syrup. Birch sap benefits are it helps lower cholesterol, increases weight loss efforts by eliminating excess salt and impurities from the body, supports liver health by helping to excrete toxins such as alcohol, pesticides and saturated fat. Clearer, brighter skin has been shown in almost all subjects as birch juice effectively eliminates toxins when drank or used directly on the skin in the form of birch sap water to promote skin elasticity and skin protection from external stresses like UV rays and pollution. Joint pain relief is another birch sap benefit due to its anti- inflammatory properties.


Birch syrup hand tapped from Organic Certified Birch tree's in Latvian forests.

*Available in Original, Apple flavoured and Sweet or as a pack of 3!


Birch syrup has a distinct flavour unlike maple syrup which is used to add sweetness. Birch syrup from the birch tree is used to add flavour to certain dishes and can be used to flavour meat, fish and salad dressings and successfully used to marinate meat, fish or vegetables before grilling or roasting.