Organic Hemp Protein Powder



Hemp protein is arguably one of the best vegan protein powder alternatives available due to its full 20 amino acids content profile. It is high in omega rich fatty acids, and is commonly used in weight loss drinks or as part of a new cleanse diet or juice cleanse. Organic hemp has been shown to decrease osteoporosis due to its high omega-6 content. Hemp seeds are high in fibre and naturally cleanse the colon and help to reduce constipation and toxins in the body. Hemp powder helps to reduce sugar cravings due to its high nutrient content and immune boosting properties.

 |50% protein content and 20% fiber content per 100grams| 


100% certified organic nordic powder harvested from Estonian forests.


Mixes perfectly and tastes great with smoothies, porridge, or with other superfoods and super greens. A nutty flavour that pairs well with berries. Mix a tablespoon (30g) with your favourite beverage or meal.


Customer Reviews

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A nice holistic way to combat anxiety.

This is honestly one of the top 5 hemp products on the market. Not only does the product look sleek on my counter top but the taste is also nice, different to other cheap hemp products i've tried. I bought this as an attempt to combat anxiety in a more holistic way. I take a tablespoon every morning and once with dinner. One perk I have definitely noticed is less tension in my body. I am definitely recommending this hemp oil to my friends. Shipping took about 7 days to Los Angeles which i don't mind waiting, considering the quality of this product and the fact that i was looking for a EU organic certified version because of all the Chinese and cheap US products claiming to be certified.