Organic Spruce Tip Powder



There are many spruce tips benefits and reasons why you should incorporate spruce buds in to your diet, especially during the winter months as spruce tea is a natural remedy used for generations against immune deficiencies.

Spruce needles are exceptionally high in Vitamin C, in particular frozen spruce tip as the nutrients last longer.

Spruce teas contain carotenoids and are highly rich in minerals such as potassium and magnesium. Spruce needle tea and tips contain plenty of chlorophyll, which contributes to healing tissues, controlling cravings and transporting oxygen to cells. However it is advisable that pregnant woman avoid spruce tea due to the potency of herb.


100% certified organic nordic spruce tips hand picked from Estonian forests and freeze dried.


Mixes perfectly and tastes great with smoothies, salads, tea, tonics, drinking water and as a seasoning for soups, steaks and stews. Use 1 tsp(1.5g) a day.